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Antifreeze/ Dyes 

N.M.C.  antifreeze concentrate is a heavy-duty, fully-formulated, precharged antifreeze formulated to meet the most demanding industry requirements. This includes ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, ASTM D6210/6211, TMC of ATA RP329/330, TMC of ATA RP 302A.

As a precharged antifreeze package this contains the initial charge of supplemental coolant additive, meeting the requirements in the cited specifications, with a minimum of 2400 ppm nitrite. The additive package employed is a sophisticated, Multi component additive system which employs synergistic combinations of inhibitors to provide the best corrosion protection available for heavy-duty cooling systems, whether in vehicles or stationary engines. A combination of substituted Tolytriazoles and phosphonocarboxylates controls corrosion of steel, cast iron, and Aluminum . Soft or yellow metals (copper, brass and solder) are protected by a mercaptobencothiazole/tolytrizole system. Also included are antiscalants and dispersants to prevent inorganic salt scaling on heat exchange surfaces and organic fouling due to minor oil leakage into the cooling system. To comply with the myriad requirements of various automobile manufacturers including European, Japanese, and many USA vehicle and engine producers, certain additives are not allowed. Hence we employ low silicates, and no phosphates, amines, or nitrates.

We utilize only the most highly refined glycol from multi-step distillation and fractionation, assuring the highest performance in antifreeze coolant.

Antifreeze Dyes



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