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These dyes are used as a color additive in petroleum products such as gasoline, aircraft and diesel fuels, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, wax and grease. 

From Identifying sources and tax enforcement to the detection of leaks, the uses of our liquid dyes are numerous. Liquid dyes are typically added to gasoline at two pounds per thousand barrels (6 ppm) but may be used at higher concentration without affecting performance.

Rekhaoil dyes are virtually identical chemical to the equivalent liquid of other manufacturers presently being used in the petroleum industry. Therefore, the Rekhaoil liquid dyes can be immediately substituted for those liquid dyes which are currently being used in petroleum products, without disruption of operations. However Rekhaoil liquid dyes are better in quality as a result of improvements in the technology of dye production. 

Rekhaoil offers a full range of high-quality, mutually compatible colors for servicing all segments of the market. These dyes are backed by strict quality control and strong development program.


   Rekhaoil Liquid Dyes


Rekhafluor 715 Rekhafluor AC Radiator Leak Detection Dye Sewer Tracing Dye Dye For Staining Pvc  
Dye Trace


Rekhaplast powder dyes are of very high quality, meeting the demands of some of the most critical customers in the plastic industry. More than 50 Rekhaplast products are used to color plastics such as polystyrene, poly-carbonates, PET, nylon, ABS, acrylics and PVC.

Rekhaplast Dyes are also used to color smokes, inks and coatings. NMC sells this line through direct marketing activities and strategically located distributors.

Our dyes are used in various manufacturing processes, for coloring plastics, petroleum, inks for printing and writing

coating (paints). wood stains, textiles, leather, paper products, antifreeze coolant, and windshield washer fluid

Rekhafluor Red 715 is a liquid fluorescent dye used for leak detection purposes. Rekhafluor has the ability to identify leaks under ultra violet light that are not otherwise detected on any colored or natural metal surface. Rekhafluor is miscible in any proportions with lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid and liquid hydrocarbon fuels including gas, oil kerosene, aviation fuels, transformer oils etc.


Other Dyes: Acid, Basic, Candle. Disperse.    Other Chemicals: Methanol, Glycol.


Rekhafluor Oem Green  comes in powder or liquid form. Oem green is used in antifreeze, leak detection in sewer drains etc.
NMC also supplies Cleaners And Compounds , Polishes, Waxes, Cleaning Products (All Purpose Cleaners), Carwash Products, Degreasers And Solvent Cleaners, Vinyl And Rubber Dressing, Wheel Cleaners, Automatic Car Wash Chemicals, Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener.

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